Oral tradition

Annex B: Ethical principles of a research

  1. Research should respect the privacy and dignity of individuals.
  2. Research should take into account people's knowledge and experience.
  3. Research should respect the language, traditions and standards of the community.
  4. The researcher is responsible for all project decisions, including those of his/her own team.
  5. No research should be initiated without full explanation to those who will be affected by it.
  6. No research should be initiated without the informed consent of those who will be affected by it.
  7. When requesting informed consent, researchers should clearly identify sponsors, research purposes, funding sources and responsible researchers.
  8. When requesting informed consent, researchers should explain the potential effect of research on the community and its environment.
  9. Informed consent should be obtained from each participant in the research, as well as from the community as a whole.
  10. Participants should be fully informed of all data collection techniques to be used (tape and video recording, photos, physiological measurements, etc.) and the use that will be given to each of them. >
  11. No undue pressure should be applied to obtain consent to participate in the research project.

  12. Research subjects should be anonymous, unless they have agreed to be identified. If the anonymity cannot be guaranteed, the subject must be informed of the possible consequences of this fact before being included in the research.

  13. If the community decides that the project is unacceptable during the research, the work should be suspended.

  14. Explanations on the progress of objectives, methods, findings and interpretations should be made available to the community, giving people the opportunity to comment before publication. Summaries should also be facilitated, including those developed in the local language.

  15. Subject to anonymity requirements, descriptions of data should be left in files in the community in which they were collected, along with descriptions of methods used and location of data storage.

  16. All research reports should be sent to the community.

  17. All research publications should refer to informed consent and community participation.

  18. Subject to requirement of anonymity, the publication should give appropriate credit to all those who contributed to the research.