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Created in 2007, the Spanish version of this blog, "Tradición oral" includes a number of essays, academic papers and educational material featuring the experiences and learning of the author regarding the collection and management of oral tradition and traditional knowledge, especially among Latin American indigenous peoples and minorities. This English version was created in January, 2017.

This blog is thematically linked with two other of the author's platforms: "Bibliotecario" ["Librarian", in Spanish] and "Bibliotecas y pueblos originarios" ["Libraries and indigenous peoples", with some contents in English].


All the texts in this site are the author's intellectual property, if not stated otherwise. They are distributed under a Creative Commons license by-nc-nd 4.0 International: appropriate credit must be given, the material cannot be used for commercial purposes and, if modified, it cannot be distributed. The blog's layout is registered at SafeCreative.

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